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1285616700 / 8:45pm /  
Dir. Morag McKinnon / UK / 78 mins


£7.50 (£6.50)

“Emotional. Funny. Touching. Sad. Crude. Sensitive. This really does have it all.” Reel Scotland

Donkeys is part of the Advance Party. Taking a lead from the competitive, creative community of the Dogme movement, The Lars Von Trier led Advance Party imposes new rules on its filmmakers. These involve the use of a pool of pre-determined characters, played by the same actors in all the films. They must also all shoot in digital, on location in Glasgow, in six weeks.

Alfred is 64. After a somewhat misspent life, he’s lost touch with his family and a threat to his health makes him realise he wants to make amends. The more he tries to do right, the more he does wrong, and as his past comes back to haunt him, he is forced to face up to what his life means to him. Supplied with a sublime script, the cast take it and run barely stopping to catch a breath.


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